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It’s non-GMO and grown with care.

Our hemp is meticulously sourced from family owned farms in Canada’s Western Prairies. The healing goodness of hemp harvested from the prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We are proud to partner with families who have farmed these plains for generations, connecting them to an international market for their product. They are the foundation of Prairie Pure.

Our advanced technology ensures our hemp products are certified 99.5% pure.

Our advanced laboratory process ensures our hemp products are 99.5% pure and water soluble, mixing easily into food and absorbing quickly into the body.Traditional oil-based hemp products are 95% blocked by the liver. Our proprietary refining process ensures Prairie Pure hemp is high potency and water soluble, therefore 20X more bioavailable to the body. Regular third party testing ensures our product is 99.5% pure and THC-free, delivering dosages accurately every time.

Our supply chain is guaranteed.

Prairie Pure hemp products are available to North American and European markets at scale from our Vancouver distribution hub. From prairie farmers to our processing facility in Vancouver British Columbia, our secure supply chain guarantees the quality product you receive will be on time and as advertised. We currently offer wholesale and bulk sales distribution of our hemp products as well as a white label service.

Our Products

The versatility of hemp

Wholesale Hemp Products

Ready to go product. Choose from our catalogue of brands and products to perfectly suit your needs.

Prairie Pure Bulk Sales

Our raw hemp product. Unbranded, unpackaged, and ready for you to use in your own hemp products.

White Label Hemp Products

Your label, our product. With tinctures to skin creams, beverages and bath products, we have a product line as unique as your brand.

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